The Simulation Hypothesis

February 13, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

… very misleading While I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea that our universe (including us) could be a simulation, this video presents this idea as if it were established fact, often misinterpreting (intentionally?) the results of well-known physics experiments, as well as words such as “observe” and “observer”, to do so. For instance, within the context of various types of double-slit experiments, it demonstrates the “observer” as a human, with eyes that open at the same time the wave-particle duality…

Anonymous says:

Where’s the meat? What I got out of this is: ‘Unspecified scientists think the universe may be a simulation, having found unspecified evidence to support this. So we asked a specific scientist to look into it. He looked at numerous unspecified facts and concluded that our universe looked more like a simulation than a real thing, but not for any measurable reasons we specify here.’If I ever wrote a paper like that in college I’d have been drummed out of the class. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch…

Anonymous says:

Interesting – but a little misleading. The romantic notion that merely observing the universe exerts a mysterious power, has led to a lot of nonsense science (and some pretty cool sci-fi I admit – metachlorians!?) However, A sentient observer is not required (just light will do) to collapse a waveform (to particle-like behavior) in quantum mechanic’s foundational dual slit experiment. It’s still very cool and confuses the metachlorians out of me.

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