Ready Player One

February 15, 2020 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Mehhh You know the movies where a bunch of guys in suits throw a bunch of things together that sound cool but don’t have meaning? This is the epitome of that.There’s a zillion pop culture and nerd culture references, but since they make good use of ZERO, it’s not actually interesting. They’re banking on you going “HEY, THAT THING, I RECOGNIZE THAT HURR HURR” and patting yourself on the back in congratulations. But poorly executed nostalgia jabs do not on their own make good cinema…

Anonymous says:

Fun rent, well made I’d read the book maybe 5-6 years ago. Generally, I have trouble enjoying movies when I’ve already read the book they were based on, but this was an exception.Maybe enough time had past, or maybe it was just a solid film, but I really enjoyed it, as did my wife (who isn’t particularly into gaming, but did appreciate the 80’s references). I’m sure some others who read the book will nitpick and find things to complain about, but dont get it wrong, this is a well made, quality film…

Anonymous says:

I started reading the book after watching the movie and I love learning more about this incredible world I walked in not having read the book with relatively low expectations. I walked out a fan. I started reading the book after watching the movie and I love learning more about this incredible world. If you’re a fan of 80s pop culture of video game/geek culture you’ll find things to love in this movie. It’s not Shakespeare by any means, but you’ll walk away feeling good and probably wanting to play a video game.

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